About the Author

Paul Bannister at the Enquirer

Photo by Rachel Williams

Englishman Paul Bannister was a national newspaper reporter in Britain, where he worked for the Daily Mail, the Sun, and the BBC, among others. His latest offerings include the six-book historical fiction series,  ‘Forgotten Emperor’  which starts with ‘Arthur Britannicus,’  and now, in 2016, he is working on the fourth book of his ‘Crusader’ series. See our ‘Books’ tab for details.  

Bannister’s autobiography ‘Tabloid Man’  tells how he was recruited by the National Enquirer, where he became senior reporter and the tabloid’s top specialist in tales of the psychic, a post that took him to about 40 countries to interview all kinds of people, from a spirit healer in Iceland to a witch doctor in Brazil. On assignment, Bannister has been menaced by a ghost, shot at by a gunman, endangered by Michael Jackson, booted by Gidget, spat on by a kangaroo and threatened by a horde that includes actor Tony Curtis, footballer George Best, the French police, the Salvadorean military, comedian Bob Hope’s daughter, actress Stephanie Power’s brother, the murdered JonBenet Ramsey’s neighbors, a New Jersey mob hitman, Princess Caroline’s bodyguards and a weedy, bespectacled, middle-aged public librarian. Plus others.

He has uncovered exclusive tales of the famous that include Oprah’s death video, Obama’s bikini girl scandal and the baby Joni Mitchell kept secret even from her parents.

He has shared a sardine with Prince Charles, a Scotch with Jeane Dixon, a prayer with Dog the Bounty Hunter, a grooming with a talking gorilla and a trade secret with Englebert Humperdinck. All of this came about because of an old chair that legend said killed the people who sat in it.

Bannister lives in Oregon with his wife Jennie plus a 21 lbs Maine Coon cat, and a 100 lbs Catahoula dog called Axel. His lifelong interests include rugby and bicycle racing. He authored ‘Strange Happenings,’ co-authored ‘Money Signs’ with astrologer Fredrick Davies and ‘Yesterday, Today and Forever’ with psychic Jeane Dixon. He also cooperated on the Globe book ‘Juice, the OJ Simpson tragedy.’