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January 2015

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There’s been poison in the system, and I’m regretful of that. Some troll has been using information from this site for her own ends, so the site will be closed, at least until matters can be righted.Those who wish to read the blog should check back in a week or two. I am so sorry. Jan 20 2015.E-pistle 1062 Salad cream, big legs, and Krays again. Jan/15/15Longest Day: We enjoy a small bonus this year. On June 30th, we get an extra second, one-sixtieth of a minute, to do with what we will. The year 2015 will be longer than its fellows because the Earth is slowing its rotation. To...

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Remember December

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E-1057 Crusoe Christmas 12/19/14A delayed epistle this week, following a trip to Calif through massive rainstorms. st p. A castaway Man Friday’s Xmas story arrives from Jeffrey Joffe: “Just a short reminisce – Mike McDonough and I went to Isla Juan Fernandez, some 420 miles off the coast of Chile. That was the place where Alexander Selkirk was banished for some dispute with the Captain or shipmates. Selkirk spent over four years waiting for rescue. After finally rescued by another British ship he returned to London. Selkirk was sitting in a pub telling tall tales within ear...

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E-pistle in the back pocket 1054. 11/27/14More on Cosby: a journo with a girlfriend who had une affaire with Bill Cosby enjoyed insider status and came across another of the comedian’s indiscretions in the form of an Asian dish, and not chop suey, either, so offered it to the Enquirer. It’s not news that Cosby was a serial cheat, but what is more illuminating is how the fearless, crusading NE handled the journo’s tale – by wimping out… “I had Cosby dead to rights (a la Robin Mizrahi later) when I sussed out an Asian showgirl he was keeping in Las Vegas, bought...

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E-pistle 1049 Secret Space Planes and curtain-lifters. 10.31.14Alert news-watchers may have seen that the USAF’s secret space plane landed in California last week after a two-year mission. There’s much speculation that the mini-plane – it’s too snug to carry astronauts but has a cargo bay about the size of a truck bed – may be set up to steal other nations’ satellites. Some say that’s unlikely. The X-37B is fairly easily tracked, and if, say, a Chinese spy satellite vanished just as it crossed paths with the secret plane, well, the shoplifter, er,...

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September Yawn

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E-1044 California Tri-ing.  Sep 26 14Another thin week for the epistles, sorry, as we flew south like the swallows to support Number One Daughter in a triathlon. This was held in and around a large park, and featured a lake swim in what had turned into a duck pond – Calif’s in drought – so the ladies (it was a female event, with just eight male exceptions) had to wade through knee-deep mud and Canada Goose poop to get to the soupy water. No running start here, and the hardest part of the whole event, competitors agreed, was getting out of the lake through the glutinous...

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An August Presence

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New readers: the e-pistles of St Paul, the self-appomted saint, are intended as a pathetic substitute for the paper-and-envelope mail (post) few of us receive any more.They circulate to more than 200 e-mail recipients and are viewed by uncounted millions on the website www.bannisterbooks.com where four years’ worth are archived for insomniacs (and where you might find your OWN NAME). The good news is that the e-pistles are free and generally non-fattening and are enlivened, indeed sustained, by the input of those it features, mocks and generally is disrespectful to, and but which I...

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