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Named for Julius

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Epistles part 2 Oct 8 2013  SCROLL DOWN FOR LATER E-PISTLES.(for speed, click and hold the button at right and pull down to end)  E1001 St Paul to the Hiatusians  Oct 8 2013  Well, hello, good evening and welcome, as David Frost used to nasally intone. Your neighbourhood saint is resuming service in the e-pistles business on a more-or-less monthly basis, but can’t promise to be New, Revised or in any way Improved, unlike the soap powders we buy. If you’ve forgotten,  the purpose of these epistles is purely for amusement. During the recent hiatus, also for...

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Rhymes with June

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E-pistle 1032 Bones of Verdun. Posted 6/28/14As we’re at the centennial of the outbreak of the First World War, here’s a poignant insight to those Guns of August from my friend Roland Kleewein. Roland’s Italian and is a cultured, artistic man (even his lovely Karin’s an artist) who lives in Holland. He recently visited the ossuary of the battlefield that the Germans called ‘The Hell of Verdun.’ It was a place where a generation of young French and German men died.Roland writes: “I had the chance to visit a few outstanding exhibitions in this...

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May as well

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E-pistle 1028 St Paul to the congregation posted May 31 ’14.New Readers: the e-pistles of St Paul to the Various are intended for amusement only, or as a pathetic replacement for the real mail we hardly ever get these days. These intrusions into your email inbox are more or less published weekly, but depend heavily on input from the great and good on the mailing list, so send your insights and stories. The editorial board will treat all submissions with care, bathe them in asses’ milk and take them on spiritually-inspiring outings from time to time. Yes, I know it’s pathetic...

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April Foolishness

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  E-pistle 1026   4/26/14  Small towns and contact books.   Have any of the saint’s faithful correspondents experience of living in a small community? By that, I mean a small town or village that’s reasonably remote from a good-sized city, not a hippie commune (though news of THAT might be interesting, too).  The thought came to me at the weekend when we biked through two very small (and attractive) rural towns near here. Harrisburg, population 3,600, was a finalist in a recent All-American Towns roundup. It has the attributes: river frontage on the impressive...

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Marching along

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E-1024 St P  on holding your fluids     posted 3/29/14Yes, I know King George V said the most valuable thing he’d learned as monarch was to ‘urinate whenever possible.’  Well, his subjects in the British motor industry took this to heart, and have installed those traits into cars built in Perfidious Albion. Life can be cruel, and I’ve had my share dished out by the auto-da-leak Torquemadas of that world.  I’ve had a few Britmobiles: a Mini and a Maxi, a couple of Triumphs, (and a lot of failures) a humble Devon and a primitive Anglia, a sleek Capri  and a...

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February 2014

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E-pistle 1020. St Pee to the Brainiacs   Posted March 1st 2014Grouchy Kevin Cosgrove, as always policing matters to ensure that I don’t get to be too happy, says I must have gone loopy ( “You have officially gone mad. Totally, stark raving bonkers. It must be the nut in Knutsford that did it. You’ve ridden round too many bends.”)  He was doing his lit crit about my witterings last week about Knutsford and the likes of my long-ago pal Sweyn Forkbeard, so I’ll make an effort to up the tone in this e-pistle. Here’s a report on a study from Emory University...

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